Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum

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The museum wants to introduce it’s visitors to the history of the two medieval buildings and their owners and tenants in relationship to the A-kwartier one of the oldest city the quarters in which the museum is located.

The main purpose of the museum is to impart the visitors knowledge of the maritime and social-economic history of the North of the Netherlands, with special attention to the influence of the inhabitants. The idea is to not only make them aware of their historic environment but also to make them understand how this environment was developed in a historic process.


J.W. van Veen, director
W. Kerkmeijer, curator / deputy director
mw. C.W.M.E. de Groot, head of administrationms.
S.K.J. van Slooten, staff member projectcoordination
ms. M.P. Schipperheijn, staff member communication / PR
ms. M. Kind, staff member education and assistant administrator
S.M. Franswa, supervisor museum storage
mw. F. de Jongh, assistant curator
E.V. Koopman, concierge
mw. J. van den Berg, employee facilities / painter
mw. Z. Muyres, receptionist / clerk
G. Fikkers, furniture maker (set on secondment)

Board association Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum

P. Westra, chairman
Mrs. M.J. Schouwenaar, secretary
J.H. Teekman, treasurer
P. Kooij, member
mw. T. van der Veen, member

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